The Power of the Word — Having a Word for the Week

(Want to join me on Sundays for an experiment? Listen to this podcast or read to the end of this blog post.)

I’ve wanted to do a specific something for women for awhile–felt it… avoided it…discounted it…then felt it come back around.

It’s the power of words in our lives. And what that looks and feels like.

Have you experienced that? The power of a single word and how it’s affected, influenced, or changed you?

A few weeks ago a word came to me…”gather”. It wriggled in my mind and soul, and finally, I took notice. I studied it–what did that mean, why was that important, how did that impact my life and my family’s life?

As I went through my days, focusing on that word, I SAW IT EVERYWHERE. I experienced it repeatedly. Only this time, I paid attention, and because of that, I experienced a sublime and connecting power. For example…

-“Gather”ed with groups of women in my speaking. The gift basket I received after one group literally had the word Gather, with a Gather hand towel even though this wasn’t the theme of the retreat. Gathering as women, looking to God, creates spiritual power.✅

-“Gather”ed with my neighbors for an impromptu luncheon. As I listened to their stories–each of us having emigrated from a foreign country–I felt deep power in the strength of parents, in the vision for something better for their families, and the indomitable spirit of a woman of faith.✅

-“Gather”ed with friends in my community for a traditional “Pie Night”–everyone bringing a pie and receiving much more of the same. Gathering brought laughter, joy, connection, and memories.✅

-“Gather”ed with my children on my big, fluffy comforter bed for chats and scripture; gathered with dear friends of 30 years for her son’s wedding; gathered with women in my programs for support and life hacks and laughter; gathered with women in media and causes who are doing good and changing the world. Each of these inspired, touched, filled, and renewed me.

What did I learn from this experiment? That FOCUSING on a word is powerful. And that the principle “to gather” is key ACROSS THE BOARD in our relationships–it’s replete in scripture, in community causes and connection, and in our family bonding. 👍

What word is coming to you? Maybe focus, patience, energy, peace, confidence, clarity, organization, connection, joy.

We know that Jesus is the Word and by that Word all things are. That’s truly the Power of the Word. ❤️

Starting today, on Sundays I invite you to choose a Power Word– any word to focus on for the week and leave a comment about what happens when you do. (During the week refer back to this post to comment). 👌

No major study or research needed, but share if you do. It’s about experiencing what that word can create, do, or teach you during the week. 👏

Mellow, inspiring, enjoyable. That’s what this is:)👌

Who’s game? Pick a power word, post it below or join me in my Facebook group and post it there!

Let’s see what happens.🎉


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