Fearless, Faithful, and Full of Love: a Reunion Retreat of Disciple Thought Leaders

These women. How I love them to my bones. Fearless, faithful, and full of love for each other and His children. Our Reunion Retreat of Disciple Thought Leaders was one for the books as we moved forward our focus.

Which is, you may wonder? (Good food? Great connection? Fabulous faith? All of the above?)

It is better said by Russell M. Nelson. In the recent Mission Presidents Seminar, he said. “As we are all colleagues in that cause, our combined charge is to help to gather Israel and prepare the people of this world for the Second Coming of the Lord. This is the most important work in the world.”

THE most important work in the world.

That repeated statement by President Nelson over the past few years has caused me to ponder my part and to ask what I needed to shift, focus, and do differently, especially over the past year and a half. In that time, I’ve been able to link arms with these and other talented women who use their gifts to find and gather the women of Israel. And this unfolding experience has been, next to my family, the greatest joy of my life.

I watch the women literally flourish like a rose in the desert as they put their faith in Him and move forward one step at a time to fulfill their purpose in fulfilling His. The outcomes for them personally and their family have been as incredible as they have been layered.

In that same seminar, David A. Bednar said, ““We receive spiritual gifts when God can trust us to be what we need to be, to do what we need to do, and to be guided to the right place at the right time, so that if a gift or gifts are given, they operate through us to bless other people.”

What is your part?

What is your gift?

What is the gift that is waiting for you to flourish as you exercise that faith for His cause?

What joy are you feeling in moving forward the most important work in the world?

If you aren’t feeling it, and not sure how to get there, I invite you to consider this one question: What would it look and feel like if you were ALL IN…for Him?

The question surprised myself even as I said it. It’s stuck with me all week and I’ve pondered what that means to me in ALL areas of my life.

And the answers have come and they have upleveled me. Not in a big production way, but in layered ways–some sharp and clear, some soft and subtle. But profound in their abundance.

I invite you to consider your life, your focus, and your tasks. And ask yourself that same question: What would it look and feel like if you were all in…for Him?

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