J. Scott Savage: Writing books families can read together–A Called to Create LDSPMA Podcast

Do you have a dream that you’ve set aside or put on a shelf?

In this week’s LDSPMA’s podcast episode, J. Scott Savage, beloved middle-grade author, shares his journey of how he went from dreamer to published author.

Scott shares: “I always liked writing, but I never considered myself an ‘author.’ We all have that dream that we put up on a pedestal and think will never happen. I worked as a CEO for an internet company, and started writing [my first published book] as a way to relieve a lot of stress.”

If you are an author, or an aspiring author, you are going to learn so many skills and keys for your journey to write and release your book; so much life-wisdom and pragmatic advice infused with stories along the way.

Click below to listen to the full interview with J. Scott Savage on Called to Create: An LDSPMA Podcast:

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