How to Beat the Burnout Vortex

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Women are busy. With all the places you have to go and things you have to do, burnout is inevitable.

In my latest Studio 5 segment, I share how to recognize the warning signs to beat the burnout before you slip too far.

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How to Beat the Burnout Vortex

As women, we often feel like we have to give more, be more, and do more. With so many places to be and things to do, feelings of exhaustion can rise to the surface.

It’s possible to beat this “burnout’s vortex” with early awareness and prevention.

Be Aware of Warning Signs

Look for physical, emotional, and mental signs of burnout.

Physical: always tired, hard time focusing

Emotional: snapping at people, edgy, comparing yourself

Mental: anxious, feelings of despair

On a scale of 1-10 (10 being “I always feel this way” and 1 being “I rarely feel this way”), rate those feelings. If you’re consistently in the 8-10 range, you’re seeing the signs of burnout.

Listen to Your Body

Value your body intelligence. Carve out time to get quiet and ask yourself what your body needs. Deepak Chopra said this: “Intelligence is present everywhere in our bodies…our own inner intelligence is far superior to any we can try to substitute from the outside.” Our body knows what we need, it’s we that are pushing those things aside.

Choose a Purposeful Practice

This can be something so small. Something that you think won’t make a big difference can have a great impact. Take five minutes to lay on your bed and breathe, do a gratitude minute. Stop, take moment, do something intentional to shift what is happening. This leads to peace and good, soul-filling energy.

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