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How “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood” Shifted My Sight

Did anybody else feel emotionally shifted by the new movie about Mr. Rogers: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood? #bringtissues

Wow. I came away profoundly influenced by it, particularly one quality and practice that has moved me to action (more below).⭐️

I share this because it ties in with our power Word of the Week–and a tender thank you for sharing yours each week. As we move more into Christmas, I invite you to choose a word that relates to the Savior in some way. 👍

This week I’ve chosen to “see.” As in, to see like the Savior did. To see people, and situations, and the good in something or someone as He did. To see in that way leads to awareness, to compassion, to understanding or helping. ❤️

Back to Mr. Rogers. In his everyday attempt to be like the Savior, he had this trait and practice down to a cell science. As I watched how this man saw–REALLY SAW–people, I felt awash with the sad realization that far too often I zip through my day without pausing to SEE and feel of another’s spirit and life. 😊

Ultimately, I felt oddly motivated in the reprimand. And I’m already attempting to consistently practice this for the week. #itsaprocess 😉

It’s made me consider…what shifts when we consistently see another human being in the busyness of life–to see the school bus driver, the snowplower, the postal worker, the cashier? To see all the people who help make life function and fulfilling. Every day. To look at them with love and gratitude and see in their eyes that they are a person, with a story, and a dream, and a struggle and a need to be loved and “seen”. 👍

For me, Mr. Rogers and my Word of the Week and the Savior all tie in together. Because each of these has led me back to the word to “see”–with His eyes, with His love, with His perspective.❤️

What’s your Word of the Week?

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