Ever Received a Meaningful Gift?

Ever received a meaningful gift, one where someone KNEW YOU and what it would mean?

For months I’ve so wanted to commemorate and daily remember our (so-far) 8 DTL retreats in 2 years with pictures.

But to find, print, frame, and clear the space to hang them in my home office takes time, energy and talent I don’t possess. So this want has been moved down the to dos list over and over in lieu of more urgent things.

So when my Executive Director and partner in crime @lemira.wheelwright gave me this sweet gift, I was touched to my soul.

How did she know? These are the type of gifts that last, that inspire us to love better and more aware.

And I put it next to another gift from a friend who last week gave me one of her hand-crafted ceramics.

Just looking at them brings me joy.❤️

So many personal gifts are placed throughout my home—from elegant to kids homespun—that remind me of the power and joy of meaningful gifts.

As I ponder these past weeks and especially today on the Greatest Most Meaningful Gift, my heart is full.

Remembrances of God’s greatest gift of His Son are placed throughout our home to think on daily.

Just looking at Him brings me joy.

I can’t fully express—not even close—what gift He is and continues to be for me. But I can feel it and share it and try to live worthy of it.

He truly is the meaningful gift that keeps on giving. ❤️

What has been an unexpected meaningful gift someone gave you? (Post a picture of you like:)

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