Easter Morning . . . with Him

A few years ago I bought this painting as a surprise for my kids on Easter morning.

That morning I set it out on the counter as I readied the Easter baskets on the kitchen table. I was around the other side of the counter when I heard a slipping sound, and suddenly, the painting fell and crashed to the floor.

I heard myself scream, “No!”

Shattered glass was everywhere, although the painting remained intact.

As my kids came running upstairs and saw me standing over the mess, I felt such a loss. It was a brand new painting. It was supposed to be a surprise. That’s not how I wanted the morning to go.

And then, I saw the symbolism. Every bit of glass was shattered beyond repair. But the glass could be replaced. The picture was whole and intact, and it was of the Savior.

On that Easter day, I also taught our Gospel Doctrine class. So I brought the painting and shared the experience. We talked of the Savior’s resurrection and Atonement; of broken things to mend; of what is eternal and what isn’t; of what matters and what doesn’t. Of expectations and the way we want things to go, and the ability of the Savior to make us whole regardless.

Since then we’ve chosen to leave the glass off the painting as reminder of that moment and that learning. Each time I look at it I remember hearing the shattering glass and that feeling of total loss.

And then I remember seeing the picture of the Savior whole and complete.

And the peace, comfort, and realization that He can fix it all.

(artwork “Faith That He Lives” by Kate Lee)

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