Feel the rumble to change?
Take this quiz to find out how.
Feel the rumble to change?
Take this quiz to find out how.

B2B Tips

Easy Chicken Curry

This has to be the easiest but tastiest curry dinner EVER. Perfect for lunch at home with just my baby and me, or, for a last minute, just walked in from errands and need dinner on the table now kind of meal. EZ Coconut Chicken Curry Assemble time: 3-5 minutes for sauce (heating) Cook time: …

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Establish Holy Habits

“Too often we reach out there for solutions, believing in a magical fix to gain more time, energy, just more something. But we don’t need to look to media or a person of the week. The simple Holy Habits of prayer, scripture study, and listening to personal promptings will lead us to custom-made answers.” [Faithful, …

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Create a Life Plan

The main point of Back to Basics is to set one goal a week, then focus your best energy on achieving it. This works! Elder James E. Faust has said: “You cannot do everything well at the same time. You cannot be a 100 percent wife, a 100 percent mother, a 100 percent church worker, …

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Adjust your Expections

“When you are mid-week and it’s obviously a trial, simply adjust your expectations. Reduce or change the goal. For example, if you set the goal to exercise four times a week and suddenly pull a muscle—adjust. Read a motivational book on goal-setting or listen to a fitness book on CD. Switch to a healthy eating …

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Discover More Joy in Womanhood

“In speaking with women over the years, I hear that some feel it’s selfish to spend time on oneself, that free time should be spent on serving. Other women hesitate to develop talents, achieve goals, or fulfill dreams, feeling that it isn’t allowed. Some women wait for others—a spouse or a good friend—to give them …

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Develop Healthy Connections

One great communication technique for marriage is to validate. “Whether he’s late, again, or bounced a check, again, simply validate. Do not make accusations, suggestions, or sarcastic comments. Ask the Lord to help you remove negative feelings. Anger is exactly what the adversary wants because it clouds our judgment and makes marriage become a “you …

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