Cali Black: Using your gifts to point others to Jesus Christ

Cali Black is an author, podcaster, speaker, and content creator who loves the scriptures.

At the beginning of 2019, Cali felt called to start an Instagram account titled @ComeFollowMeStudy. Little did she know that a worldwide pandemic would hit the following year and her content would be needed more than ever. She was able to pivot her content and focus on using the Book of Mormon to share peace and joy.

Cali also co-hosts the popular podcast, “One Minute Scripture Study,” and has co-written two Amazon best-selling books, “One Minute Scripture Study in the New Testament” and also a version of the Old Testament.

Above all, Cali knows that the scriptures hold the keys to pointing us toward our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Go to the LDSPMA website to listen to the podcast, or watch it by clicking on the YouTube video of our interview below:

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