Back to school magic for MOMS!

Kids, Manners, and Devices on Studio 5

 It’s that magical time again! Back to school and Studio 5:) Enjoy getting back into the swing with some scoops. My segment this time is on Kids, Manners, and Devices, Oh My! It’s time for an upgrade, Emily Post:) I’ll share thoughts from a recent national article on teen device etiquette with my doable on making teen device etiquette a modern-day reality.

Watch it Aug. 17th (this Thursday), 11 a.m., on Channel 5, and get a great deal on a mom’s back-to-school book:)

Making Education Week Happen

Do you find yourself saying, “Someday I’ll attend Education Week”? Make it this year! I’ll be teaching August 22nd-25th, Tues-Fri, 10:45 a.m. at the MARB.
This year’s series theme is centered on finding and focusing on a few simple habits in daily life.  The 4 Simple Habits: Fulfilling Our Potential and Influence as Covenant Women.
Tues: Establish Holy Habits
Weds: Create Home Habits
Thurs: Develop Healthy Habits
Fri: Savor Happy Habits
For those interested, I have a guest-pass for my class. If you’re interested in meeting and attending my class for the one hour with this free pass, email me at on a first come-first served basis:)
During Education week five of my books are available in the BYU Bookstore Annex at Ed Week discount prices.
Enjoy the freshness of back to school for moms with these fun goodies!
P.S. Watch Studio 5 Thurs, 11 a.m., and/or check my website that day for the book sale link:)

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