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Letting Go of Everyday Fears

Enjoy this link to Connie’s column “Letting Go of Everyday Fears.” Due to special Mother’s Day timing, the segment will be live Monday at 11am and afterward on

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What’s Life-changing about GAL service to Others?

Last week, yet another woman’s experiencing in our B2B Complete program inspired me. She shared the following experience:

“I have to share a sweet experience I had last night as I was determined to just ‘deliver love’. I wanted to visit a coworker whose daughter had just passed. I felt this turmoil and strong desire of wanting to bring her ‘something’ but didn’t know what she needed. I even drove past her house thinking I would run to the store and grab something. The overwhelming thought came again that it was okay to just deliver love for now. I turned around and went back.

As we visited she mentioned all that was left was​ to buy a frame that she forgot to pick up yesterday. I asked her if she would please let me do that for her. The frame was broken and worn. She agreed! I had the sweetest experience of finding some beautiful frames for both the original and copy. She was thrilled! ​I couldn’t help but to think had I not followed the prompting to just deliver love​, I may have missed the opportunity to serve in a way that blessed her spirit and mine. I only share this because I feel it is so on point with what we discussed the other night. Sometimes we don’t need to do all the fluff before going…..just go and LOVE!

​This GAL service, just Go And Love action totally inspired me. We had talked about it in our B2B meeting and had felt motivated then too. But this real-life experience sealed the deal.

A few days later my husband happened to mention that our neighbor hadn’t been feeling well. The evening before I had made a huge crockpot of minestrone soup that seemed to multiply overnight. But I only had six rolls left and no beautiful dessert and was headed out with my toddler. Thinking of this wonderful example, I didn’t worry about it. I microwaved dark Guittard chocolate chips and quickly dipped some strawberries for a fast dessert. Then simply took what I had. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t complete, but it was from the heart. It worked! The neighbor loved it and was so appreciative, especially with her struggling health.

Thank you, B2B Gal​ for your awesome example that inspired me to just GAL service, to ​Go And Love.”

Hopefully, an opportunity comes this week for you to enjoy the pay-it-forward of GAL service!



One woman found joy in her kitchen command center!

At the dollar store I found a book by NYTBestseller Jen Lancaster whose opening pages said this:

“Life is too complicated not to be orderly.” ~ Martha Stewart
“Martha, you’re making us all look bad.” ~ Every other woman in America

Organizing can feel that way, especially when all we want to do is sleep or read a good book, or anything else that doesn’t remotely involve decluttering, tidying, or streamlining. BUT, when we choose to do that very thing with ONE item, activity, or routine, suddenly, we experience a new joy and clarity. And nothing does that better than connecting with other women who want to make things happen and get it done. I had to share this experience of one of the ladies in our monthly Back to Basics program. It was absolutely spot on for that feeling!

“I was so pumped after last night’s meeting that I got up an hour early this morning and finished my “Kitchen Command Center” that’s only been a pipe dream up to this point lol  I just need to make cute “TO DO” and “TO BUY” magnets for my whiteboard . The white boxes are my “medicine cabinet” stuff and I ACTUALLY FINISHED THE LABELS, per Connie Sokol’s rule  Feels so good to have that counter clutter free (the “BEFORE” shot would have terrified you, I promise!)”

We all have one of THOSE counters, or closets, or drawers. And it’s pure joy to get it decluttered and functioning fabulously. Organizing your life in meaningful ways creates a quality of life that’s meaningful in many ways. Because now you have the ability and mojo to do the very things your soul wants to do. And knows it needs to do in order to be truly happy.

So this week, I invite you to choose ONE thing to organize—time, energy, space, resources—whatever it may be for you. This morning I finally listed office organization needs—I had been more than avoidant. Just listing it on the computer made me FEEL BETTER. That one act. And now, I have a list to springboard individual actions, that will combine to create an entire completed project.

Shift your thinking and embrace organization. Know that one single choice for clarity or structure will yield a myriad of benefits, including peace of mind. And time to read a book.


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Just for Mother’s Day–Sale!

I’ve been thinking lately about my mother, no surprise there. But more than the typical gratitude, it’s been in relation to my writing. From early on, she has put up with my perpetual piles of paper and pens, stacks of unread and to-be-read books, and brass ring dreams of becoming an official writer. And now I am! Thanks t​o mom encouraging, reading, editing, and giving me the one-eye when it wasn’t up to snuff.

To celebrate in like-manner, I’m putting my books on sale for Mother’s Day—any 3 for $25, you choose from the list. And, I invite you to give your mother two, and keep one for you. That’s to make it a joy for both of you, and give you opportunity for girl book chat. I recommend you add something chocolate or decadent.

Meanwhile, choose from the list and get some joy, wisdom, inspiration, or romantic escape for you and the mothers in your life!


Make Change Your Buddy: Learn this #1 Key to Change!

I love change. Well, not in the moment, and not always, and often not the painful, annoying, avoidant steps that lead up to it. But other than that, I love it. Because it’s part of life, like it or not. And the beautiful thing is that once we start to like it, to make friends with change, we become super good long-time buddies that truly support and sustain each other. In studying keys to change I found this one, seemingly “duh” key to change that works like a CHARM. Seriously. Apply this one teeny tiny tool and you’ll see a difference. I know, stop with the chit-chat, Connie, and just TELL ME RIGHT NOW.

Better than that, Charles Duhigg, author of The Power of Habit, says it better: “We know that a habit cannot be eradicated—it must, instead, be replaced.” Stay with me, but that’s powerful knowledge right there. Okay, back to Charles…“And we know that habits are most malleable when the Golden Rule of habit change is applied: if we keep the same cue and the same reward, a new routine can be inserted.”

What does that mean in people-speak? “For a habit to stay changed, people must believe change is possible…[and] figure out a different routine.” That’s it—a NEW ROUTINE. And, when you figure out the why of what you do, you’ll know which routine is best to shift. Charles likens it to the example that if you want to lose weight, you need to figure out WHY you leave your desk each day for a snack. And replace it a different routine—find someone to take a quick walk, chat at someone’s desk, stock apples rather than chips, etc.

He leaves us with this: “If you want to change a habit, you must find an alternative routine, and your odds of success go up dramatically when you commit to change as part of a group.” I can raise my hand in an Amen to that.

In the Back to Basics Complete program, I watch women as we meet monthly to discuss a Life Area topic (Joy in Womanhood, Fit & Fabulous, Get Organized, etc.) Each month women discover their triggers and their triumphs. Their questions and their quirks. And in that discovery, they find tailored solutions to real everyday problems. Why? Because they’ve shifted their routine, which changes their perspective, which allows them to see new possibilities.

If you’re ready for a change and want to make it stick, join us for our new B2B Complete quarter starting April 12th. You can be in-person or watch from your home. You can set and achieve goals or simply listen and learn. With weekly support and accountability, you see change. All of this for only $49 a month for the four-month program—as we’ve said before, this is your dance lessons (or art, soccer, or music). Grow with your kids, and learn what you need at the time you need it.

B2B Complete Program
Topics: Get Organized/Joy in Womanhood II, Healthy Connections (Relationships), Financial Prosperity
When: starting April 12th (thereafter first Thursday of the month); 7:30-9:30 pm
Cost: $49 a month; $49 class materials
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Spring’s coming! Are you ready for a change?

Are you ready for that gift of spring, to jump into a fresh change? Join us for the next quarter of Back to Basics Complete program! We are wrapping up our previous quarter with women experiencing achieved goals and profound life shifts. Meet once a month for four months to learn about and discuss a life area. Then receive support in setting, achieving, and celebrating one weekly goal.

Learn, connect, and grow–each month for only $49!

It’s your extra-curricular activity–your joyful “lesson”:) Life areas covered this time include: Get Organized/Joy in Womanhood II, Healthy Connections (Marriage/Family/Friendship), and Financial Peace & Prosperity.

It’s simple, doable, and enjoyable. It’s Back to Basics!

Here’s what women are saying:

“I love how having a goal each week really brings awareness for change in my life. It really is becoming more of me!”

–Ardice L.

“I have my life paragraph complete and it feels really good to have a vision!  I will send over my goal sheet later when I’m not at work and have a little time to fill it out.  I have felt success and I love it!”

–Mindy T.

Can’t wait to connect with you there:) -Connie

What: B2B Complete (2nd Quarter—online seminar of Create a Life Plan/Holy Habits included)
When: April 12th, 7:30 p.m. (In-person in Utah County or Online)
Cost: $49 download class materials (or $79 print version); $49 a month for four-month subscription
How: Register here

Going through or Healing from a Deep Trial?

In talking with women over the past few years, I find many, many women steeped in what I call Deep Trial. It’s not just, Gee life is hard some days. It’s more about pulling two and three emotional or physical handcarts across a heartbreaking wilderness, and often feeling alone while doing it.

I’ve experienced a few of these myself. And during a recent one that had lasted many years, I remember repeatedly coming to a point of hopelessness and desperation. As a typically positive, spiritually-focused person, I remember at excruciating periods wondering, would this ever end? What real solutions could be found? Would I truly feel happy again? Would I be able to help my children be prepared for their future trials?

And, more immediately, how would I get up, put a smile on my face, and do carpool today?

Being Proactive

As I listened to other women’s stories, I found common experiences and feelings. And I felt a deep desire to do more than give a hug and a slice of pumpkin bread (though both are helpful in their way…) During those lowest times, I found several tools, coping skills, and life-changing decisions that made all the difference in how to deal with the situations.

My recent rest experience reinforced the importance of taking time in a place set apart—to listen, to let go, and to move forward. Prioritizing these typical back-burner desires, I came home renewed in a fundamental and lasting way.

To help women experience similar benefits, we are offering an overnight Back to Basics Retreat, to give women like you, or women you know, a space for healing and finding hope. To better deal with the challenges right now, and intentionally navigate them in the future. And to rekindle the joy and hope in daily life and in their personal divine mission.

The Retreat

Our retreat is held in lovely Midway. Friday night we welcome and nurture our participants with an evening of learning, connection, and relaxing. Saturday we offer an all-day seminar with four core presentations, including focusing on our divine mission, applying principles of progression, creating your toolbox for deep trial, and re-discovering the true joy in daily life.

Our desire is for you to take a few hours to let down, open up to personal insights, connect with good women, learn realistic and ready-to-use emotional tools, and return home better able to deal with life’s challenges.

Because you are a Back to Basics member of our newsletter/programs, we are offering the VIP  Sneak Peek deal. Use the code below to receive $50 off the overnight price, for a total of $149.

This includes all lodging, food, and the all-day seminar. After this week it will return to its normal price of $199. We have worked to make this retreat as affordable as possible so women can receive the healing they need without adding to their burden.

Registration is limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis. Options for sleeping arrangements are listed on the website. 

“Hope and Healing: Finding Purpose and Progression Through Deep Trial”

When: April 22 to 23rd (Friday night 5;45 p.m. to Saturday at 5:30 p.m.)

Where: Midway
Cost: $149 each (Reg. $199-$399)

  • Choose twin occupancy – non-private room or queen occupancy– bring family or friend to split the cost of the private room. 
  • Includes meals, overnight accommodations, and Saturday all-day seminar.

    $50 off single occupancy retreatb2b-twin

    $101 off queen occupancy retreatb2b-queen

  • Register HERE 

Join us for a remarkable and life-changing weekend to recharge and rejuvenate.

Hugs,  Connie

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Life Lessons Learned…

After spending a week at the Movara Fitness Resort (thanks for “joining me” on social media!) I had a three-hour drive home to consider a few key things learned that I haven’t yet shared. And, what I want to keep doing. I hope it sparks ideas for you to tweak, shift, or make an all-out leap to change.

1. I am capable of a healthy more. Before I left my biggest concern was, of course, six to seven hours of working out every day (when I was maxing at two times to Zumba a week).

Now I’ve seen that not only can I do that but my body CRAVES healthy movement. And now that I’ve done six hours, 45 minutes seems like a drop in the bucket. Perspective is truly life-changing. For a gal who would rather sleep than move when I can get an extra 15 minutes, that is a paradigm shift to say the least.

2. Simple changes create keeper habits. With all the good information accrued, I knew I needed to choose a few key changes to make into new habits. Here are a few for me:

*5-10 minute stretch in the morning. Ideally with yoga music on my phone in the background. Blood and oxygen get circulated, my muscles become limber and less prone to injury, and I feel GREAT. How could I forget this? I hope to open it up to my family (and attending snarky comments…)

*Fiber and water foods are key. These tell your body you’re full. Without it, a skimpy protein bar will have you foraging and not filling nutrient needs, no matter the calories. Water infused foods are vital.

*Eat more whole foods, all day. What surprised me was that I wasn’t eating enough. And wary of foods like bananas, potatoes, etc. But our metabolic processes NEED these kinds of foods to function properly. I have a whole new view on food needs and how to fill them.

3. As a mom, I’m capable of articulate conversation and connection. You may laugh, but one of my worries was being able to converse with people from all over the U.S. and the world. Being in mainly Mom Mode, conversation revolves around homework deadlines, children’s changing schedules, and life skill pass-offs.

To my genuine surprise, I found that I could talk with biochemists to event planners for Oprah. And did so with minimal foot-in-mouth and often remembering out of the blue business books I’ve read, or lessons in parenting that applied to their setting. Connecting this way was beyond enjoyable and reminded me that I am indeed a woman, wife, and mother, and need to nurture each of those sides to me.

4. Moms need a change in scenery for a life shift. It’s not always enough for me to just to go the local library for two hours to dramatically shift my thinking patterns. After a few days to let down, I found thoughts and feelings surfacing that had needed attention. I’d been skimming some personally important life questions, especially the ones I didn’t have ready answers to. And for the most key ones, the answers came!  

5. I needed “good women” connection. When I get extra time, my first thought is stepping from the go-go to alone time. But I followed my gut feeling to get out and connect and met the neatest women. During the week we found a basic foursome—fabulous, intelligent, thoughtful, and kind women with whom I had wonderful conversations. One in particular shared thoughts that unbeknownst to her, answered questions I’d had for a few years.

Overall, what I initially sought for at Movara was education in healthy life habits that I could bring home; expert help in weight loss and fitness training; and time to let down and rejuvenate. I received all three. And so much more (I even met a dear high school friend on the second to last day!) I lost a little more weight and inches than I had planned, and gained sweet friendships to last a lifetime.

This week, what is your one step toward creating a life shift within you? If a big chunk of time isn’t in the cards, no worries. Start with one of these tips and get your mind and soul “warmed up” for what may be coming your way.

Thanks for your love and support, and encouragement last week. The genuine happiness for me and this surprise of a situation made it joyful and fulfilling.

Hugs, Connie