Check out my FREE 5 Day Purpose Challenge for a reset!


Check out my FREE 5 Day Purpose Challenge for a reset!

This girl is amazing.

Today, I just have to share about my daughter…I usually keep specifics fairly private and this is going to make her cringe, and likely land me in the dog house, but my heart is full.

No specific huge event, just the stop-in-my-tracks wow awareness of her. This girl is amazing.

Yesterday she went from a volleyball tournament—play hard, compete with grace, feel the frustration—to jamming home and transforming into Preference-ready, ladylike grace (with a bit of sass…😉)

She gets stressed with an A- and will work it with the teacher and extra credit until she’s satisfied.

She notices those who feel on the fringe. She created a special celebration for someone who could have felt left out or less than. Her good choices inspire mine.

She loves protein bars and smoothies, and is off sugar by choice. She shares scripture quotes of the Savior and gospel in her friend group chats, and positive messages on her IG @littlethingswsoph

She has created a morning and evening hygge routines and knows when she needs to rest or do or breathe.

She leaves me sweet notes, makes beautiful feel-good meals, and makes the best inside jokes.

She says mama heart things to me like, I can’t wait to see you, let’s do food and a fave show (and then we proceed to talk through most of it).

There is so so so much more but I don’t want to get into more hot water:)

But because of her example she is teaching me how to live life more intentionally and joyfully. And she does it all by just being her.

She makes me so grateful to be her mom.❤️🥰

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