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Check out my FREE 5 Day Purpose Challenge for a reset!

Love is all about Connection

Connection. Love is all about connection. And this weekend I’ve been feeling beyond grateful for the incredible, loving, soul-inspiring people in my life who connect with me.

And in turn, connect me to Him.

All weekend whether it’s been a bday breakfast for a friend, doing the Alpenglobe with my daughters, tubing with my son, or conversations with my DTL women and coaches, it has filled my inner bucket to overflowing.

Just from connecting.

And as I talked with my girls I realized we had shifted gears. When they were little, I spent a good amount of time decorating for Valentines, making treats and doing a lot of THINGS.

And it was fabulous, don’t get me wrong:-)

But now that everyone is mostly older, I’ve noticed that we are more focused on simply making moments. Scheduling time together, talking, sharing, being, and supporting.

All of it is so good. And I’ve loved every stage. But I have to say that the older we get, the sweeter it becomes. And the deeper the connection, the more joy fills my life.

And that’s what we are here to experience—joy.

So it makes sense to me that all of this goodness is connected to Them.

God and the Savior are the ultimate connectors. They also talk, share, be, and support, but in every possible way. They make the moments meaningful. They offer the deepest, most joyful connection.

Every day. In everything.

I’m grateful for the divine Connection that flows through and makes my earthly connections not only possible, but so fulfilling.

How do you meaningfully connect with the divine?

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