Women and the Endgame

Food for thought. [Original post by Danette Peterson.]

(picture courtesy of Google)

“Chess has three parts: opening, middle game, and endgame. The opening is the development of the pieces—you’re setting up your strategy.

The middle game is the implementation of your strategy.

The endgame is hopefully where you’re seeing the fruition of your strategy–you’re closing the trap.

The queen is the most powerful piece on the board, and it is conventional chess wisdom that you postpone playing your queen for as long as you can.

The longer you can delay playing your queen, the more likely you will have your most powerful piece for the endgame.

The Lord is the Master Strategist and knows exactly how to win. Current announcements and policy changes and pleadings from the Prophet appear to be the Lord bringing his queens into play in preparation for the endgame.”

Food for thought indeed.

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