What Simple things bring your soul joy?

Across from my bed is an unexpected gift. For the past several weeks my kindergarten son has brought me his beautiful and tender artwork. These are stick figures on paper, large faces and small bodies, typically smiling with various hairdos. Each day as we read and cuddle he tells me the stories of what we are doing in them–sometimes playing, sometimes walking, sometimes just smiling.
From the start, I randomly taped the pictures on the wall. Now, it’s become an art collection unto itself. What made me take note was the other day thinking about reorganizing my room and bringing order to the randomness. I thought, I should really take those pictures down and put them in a scrapbook, or a nice frame, or do a pretty vignette.
And then I thought, Why? It is already a pretty vignette. It pulses with his kindergarten energy and boyish delight. I love his spontaneous joy in reliving how he colored the picture, why my hair is straight up on my head, and how short my legs are compared to his.
These are moments of soul joy. No rhyme or reason, really, just touching a place in my heart that warms again and again with this sweet connection.
What’s your soul joy? What simple things spark it for you? Make a list, then read it again, savoring the feeling of just remembering them.
Then for today, choose one and relive it. Share it. Rejoice in it. Because at the end of the day, simple joys are what fill the soul.

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