The Wonder of Back to Basics—it works!!

Okay, I just returned home from a week of being gone and was a bit trepidatious to see how five children and no mama supervision had turned out. Most important, of course, was that the children were alive and had been occasionally fed; then that the house was still standing, mainly intact. But what I secretly hoped was that the laundry had actually been done, meals had been cooked, and family scripture study and prayer had taken place (I know, a song comes to mind…”Dream on, dream on”…)
But wow, was I blown away! As I walked around our home, and got the 411 from all five children at once, they had indeed cooked the meals (with the help of the 20-year-old that was there for a few hours, but lunch and brekkie on their own and cleaned up). They had done wash DAILY (my heart was palpitating at this point) so NO MAJOR LAUNDRY MOUNTAIN oozing from the room—my heart be still. And, they had had prayer, scriptures, and generally not abused and tormented one another for the whole week (about then I was thinking, so it CAN be done).
My favorite part, however, was that the first few days the young girls had been 7’s (we have them rate each other one to ten). Our 15-year-old, being the Man in Charge, took matters into his own hands. He sat them down in a pow wow and gave them an option—no electronics or no treats, because both made them “too hyper” (a familiar refrain of my own, I’m thinking). So they opted for no electronics and after that, told me they were “totally 10s”.
I was totally happy. I have to say it again, and will keep saying it—Back to Basics works. They had been taught life skills and by the good grace of God and a speaking conference had been compelled to use them. But fabulously, they DID use them (which could have gone either way).
I feel genuine peace and closure on a certain level—that to this point, ages 15 to 6, they know how to cook, clean, do laundry, solve problems, and generally care for themselves. If I were to die tomorrow, they could do it. They’d likely eat cereal for every single meal, but they would know how.
This summer I invite you to choose one or two life skills for your children and begin teaching them. It pays HUGE dividends throughout the year, giving them more independence and self-confidence, and you more free time and peace of mind, even in Hawaii.
All my best,

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