The Lesson My Teenage Daughter Taught Me

I want to talk about…asking.πŸ˜‰

Every now and then life throws a super hard day. One of those days that after you’ve been strong, resilient, dedicated, focused, obedient, within your carb intake, sacrificing, #cueviolins#mystoryversion and then comes the last straw of your being able to do, handle, or deal with what is.😱

Especially as a mom. And more especially as a single mom.πŸ™

When that happens I typically acknowledge it, identify the issue, find a spiritual/temporal solution, thank Him for the help and move on. (Okay, let’s be real, it also involves Boom Chicka Pop and the North and South series). #copingskills πŸ‘

So today was that day. And after daily dealing with the buildup of people’s emotional sensitivities, meltdowns, stressors, commitments, confusions, and the like, the tsunami hit and I maxed out. 😳

Thankfully, one of my daughters brought me back to reality with this one statement: “You can ask for help.” #wisdomofteens πŸ‘Œ

Asking is hard. Asking feels burdensome. Asking, I know, is part of the plan and I actually do it when I feel I need it. But here’s the thing–I didn’t think I needed it. And, when I did see I needed it, I didn’t want to burden certain people who are already burdened. 😬

But, I had been praying about my Word of the Week and there it was. ASK. I thought about it during church, after lunch, and while locking myself in the bathroom. #myonlysanctuary πŸ™Œ

After some scriptures and Lily’s chocolate, sanity returned. And… I changed things. I asked for specific help with house tasks. And for quiet time to rest. And for new rules to be set for things like how late people can get up/get ready for church. πŸ‘

All of this led to increased AWAREness (yes, last week’s word #shamelessplug), beautiful solutions, healthier boundaries, and greater love. I seriously felt this warm, fuzzy gratitude wrapped around me like my favorite soft blanket. ❀️

Parenting is THE most Olympic sport you’ll engage in #wheresthecategoryforTHATpeople And with it comes it’s own prize.

The love, connection, and growth I experience within the walls of my own home. #askingforthewinπŸ™Œ

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