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​Join our Free Community and Connect with other Purpose Filled Women

The Deeper Meaning to Spring Cleaning

By Jewish tradition, spring cleaning is actually linked to Passover. Before the holiday, families would scour the homes to remove any hint of yeast.

I’ve felt that modern-day desire to clean things out. And more than just, we’re at home, really at home, and how long has that been there…

It’s more of a deep desire to prepare a space–in home and heart–to more fully invite Him in.

While spiritually driven, there’s still the temporal reality #reallyreal to getting there.

Enter Spring Cleaning with a Daily Project. My girls cleaned the kitchen fridge and freezer. We will just say freezers are like the warehouse in Indiana Jones. My son and I cleaned living room walls. With a Magic Eraser. Singing and dancing to his favorite Dude Perfect Christian rock songs.

Room by room, moment by moment, we cleaned and bantered and celebrated at the yummy lemon-scented, fresh-scrubbed feel in our home. Everything looks, smells, and feels clean.

Each day we worked with what we had, did what we could, and made our home a better place. A place better prepared to receive Him. Such small and simple things #notthatsimple Cleaning our homes, decluttering our souls, preparing room for His peace, love, and holiness.

As I reread the Savior’s last Holy week, I was struck by the types of preparation–and its unexpected gifts. Preparation of the Passover–and the unexpected sacred institution of the sacrament. Preparation of the tomb–one that long before had been carved out for Joseph of Arimathea but which he would unexpectedly use for the Savior. Preparation of the Savior’s body for burial–and unexpectedly, Mary Magdalene being the first to see and receive the Resurrected Lord.

As we prepare for Easter Sunday, we can anticipate unexpected gifts, including this Global Fast Day.How else will you and I prepare? What will we clear out? What will we add in? What unexpected gift will be waiting?

As we prepare to receive Him, I know especially this time, I am seeking Him more earnestly. More clearly. And more cleanly.

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