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The Benefits of Choosing Fun Over Functional

A surprisingly satisfying Saturday…and then I realized why.

After a busy week, I had planned to use Saturday to catch up. When my kids are gone, I use that time to prepare for what’s ahead, and this month that includes podcasts, programs, and speaking five times.

Before diving in, I had scheduled in the morning to go to the temple and the spa #servinggodandmammominthesameday and both were fabulously restorative.

But afterward, a friend surprised me with the offer of an extra ticket to see the BYU Young Ambassadors.

You know that moment when you must choose to be functional, or fun? When it would be wisest to studiously prepare…OR to throw structured caution to the wind and know that your soul needs whatever that option might be?

I said, Let’s do it. And trusted the process to provide what I would later need.

Ironically, a few minutes later I had a conversation with a loved one where they were experiencing that same dilemma. And in that moment I could feel my choice was a type and a shadow for hers. Hearing the restlessness and “functional” weary sound in her voice, I suggested a particular activity meaningful to her.

Later, she went and experienced that simple activity. And had a joyful, learning, emotional experience that created a beautiful life memory and being the recipient of a tender, surprise service–which she then paid forward.

When she returned, we talked about the significance. Today, instead of just functioning, she had lived. She had made a memory. She had connected with people.

I reflected on my “breakout” experience. I had spent time with a good friend–laughing, clapping, crying–and feeling the joy of pausing to do that which is the better part…connecting with people.

My friend and I both returned happier, enriched, and energized.

And, as you would guess, later I mentally received clear talk points, was led to resources, and felt energized to organize my desk and week.

Sometimes what looks like play is actually the catalyst for living a fulfilled life.

It’s just the ticket.

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