Introducing. . .

Enrolling NOW for the

February 22nd-24th Retreat!

Introducing. . .

Enrolling NOW for the

February 22nd-24th Retreat!

A Testimony-Building Day!

Wow, what a day!!

LDS Motion Picture Studio invited me to come on set as an influencer to see the backstage filming of the last of the Book of Mormon series!

So fabulous! But MOST fabulously was the Spirit that attended the day. It wove through every moment, interaction, and experience.

Such a huge part of that stemmed from meeting the cast and crew who do this right from their souls.

A few highlights included opening messages from two general authorities (in khakis, regular shirts, no ties…:) Their words already had me in tears.

Then hanging with the modern-day “Nephi” (whose awesome backstory on his audition and 4 weeks to Nephi buff regimen will be coming on our Called to Create: An LDSPMA Podcast!)

Then bookending it with “prophet Moroni” who gave a powerful impromptu testimony. Both men were so true to their namesakes in their words and actions

Jackson VanDerwerken John Munoa

Seeing all the moving parts to this undertaking was inspiring—cast prep in wardrobe and hair, details of the set, feeding and directing and problem-solving throughout the work.

And a little fun too—connecting with former Univision anchor @irenecaso@shayback the host of @latterdaysaintwomenpodcast, and comparing muscle poses with the Helaman Stripling Warriors…#ineedaregimen

What a joy to feel the deeper love and energy put into these depictions. The movies are such a beautiful and easy way to feel the story of the Book of Mormon.

Can’t wait to see this last series. Thank you LDS Motion Picture Studio for a testimony-building day and experience!

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