“What your program did for me was to look inside and remember things I’d always wanted to try. I bought paints, pencils, and pads for sketching. I drew a picture of my granddaughter that they could actually tell it was a picture of her. I’ve also written stories and it’s like opening a fresh new door for me. Thank you for helping me open these doors and look deeper.”

- Lynne Tolman

“I’m using the [Back to Basics] principles and have lost 10 pounds plus a bunch of inches. I want to lose more but at least I have a plan/vision now. Thank you!”

- Misti Robinson

“Thank you for giving me new insights and tools to help me set goals and accomplish my dreams. For the longest time I have compared myself to others. I now realize I have a purpose. I have hopes and dreams and I no longer need to feel bad because I can’t do someone else’s best, I can only do my best. Thanks again!”

- Trinette Hirschi

“Thank you for this program. It’s helped me organize and plan, and given me words for concepts that I understood but couldn’t express.”

- Stasha Bates

“I printed my Life Vision and have it placed where I see it daily. I often choose just one word from it to focus on, it really works!”

- Jodi Anderson

“It’s been so great to participate in this program. I have loved everything about it. It’s helped me get a lot of things done–little things that have been hanging over my head. And especially getting on a regular exercise program, lose pounds, and more. Thank you!”

- Ronda Ferguson

“Before I started this program, I was thinking to myself that I wanted to break down my goals into weekly accomplishments, and I began looking for a goal setting program. I can’t believe it, this is exactly I have been looking for!”

- Brea Mefford

“Thank you for this great program. I had to tell you that I fit in a pair of jeans that I haven’t fit into for at least 6 months…YEAH!”

- Sherry Tingley