Introducing. . .

Speaker in a Day!

Feb. 25, 2023

Introducing. . .

Speaker in a Day!

Feb. 25, 2023

Truth Learned from a Rubik’s Cube

I learned a simple powerful truth this week.

For family Come Follow Me, we take turns teaching each day of the week. Typically, someone shares a meaningful thought, has a visual aid, and opens it up for discussion.

Not. That is actually in my dreams.

What really happens is, it’s late, I’ll turn to one of the kids and say, Whose turn is it tonight?

And they all intensely look at the carpet or point a literal finger at someone else. Then I’ll say, Do you have something to share? (and in my mind I’ve added… “that’s meaningful or insightful, my dear child…”) And they will pause and think or grab their phone or I’ll say I have a back up…

But here’s the thing: we usually get something great out if it.

Like this Rubik’s cube. It’s my son’s latest obsession and he has several—earned and gifted. Through study, watching, and friends teaching him he knows how to solve it by himself.

And so that’s what he used for his CFM thought.

In a presentation voice that was sacrament talk worthy, he suddenly launched into how the cube is like life and solving our problems with God. And how we can turn things a certain way and learn how to make it work, and several other things that were literally out of the mouth of babes …

In that moment, with my jaw dropped, I felt the witness that it was working.

Continually attempting to connect with my kids each night through scripture was having an impact.

And that regardless of the prettiness of the process—or lack thereof—the loving, connected PRACTICE was what mattered.

Next time you’re tired, no one has prepared, or you feel like it’s doesn’t matter, I invite you to take the 5 mins and simply ask who has a thought.

Or maybe a Rubik’s cube.

What way have you or can you simply invite scripture to be part of family life?

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