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Introducing. . .

Enrolling NOW for the

Sept. 21st-23rd Retreat!

Mothers Need Mothers

Mothers need mothers. And as Sheri Dew beautifully said, “We are all mothers.”

I saw this perfectly play out in one of our DTLC women—Ardice of @ardice&co—who hosted her first event yesterday…a Mother’s Day brunch in honor of her wonderful mother who recently passed.

What made this event even more tender, connecting, and tear-inducing was the added “mother” help from her DTLC sisters:)

-When Ardice was at her wits end to get delivered in time urgently needed compost for the garden, a conversation with another DTLC gal—@ashleestratton—which yielded a call to her husband who got a truck and the compost delivered.

-In need of beautiful centerpiece flowers a brand new DTLC member mom——just happened to have a flower farm where she simply shares the flowers and got her set with gorgeous tulips!

—And another DTLC mom—@lyndsey_v—popped over just a few days before the brunch to help her pick the flowers.

These are but a few examples of the timely and tender care that mothers/women do for each other. And in the midst of their own stresses and services to their own families and circles.

Mothers, you are amazing. AMAZING.

Just by being YOU, and the force for good you already are. Families, societies, could not exist—and with the joy and love and progression that they do—without you.

Today, I plead with you to let go of guilt. Let go of worry or wondering if you’ve done enough or done it right.

Instead, take time to be still, feel His love, and the deep appreciation of so many for fabulous you.❤️

And of course, add chocolate.

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Love, Connie

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