Love is. . .

Let’s talk about love 😉.

I LOVE reading in the scriptures about families and how they learn to love. In the story of Lehi and Sariah’s family, we see them deal with difficult life challenges–people rejecting his work, moving, difficult children, financial and food worries, marriages and new DIL, bearing children later in life, becoming refugees and leaving their homeland, learning new life skills at an advanced age, permanently separating from family, starting all over again, facing the unknown on a daily basis, and so much more. .

I see the journey of love. To love in difficult circumstances. To love difficult people. To love despite difficult requirements that test your faith, confidence, and beliefs. I’ve thought about what love is in my life.

Love is freeing. Love does not control. No matter what’s at stake, genuine love persuades and invites. It comes from a place of truth and confidence. It breaks chains–generations of toxicity, ignorance, or shame–and it creates new paths and higher skills.

Love is choosing. As a mother over many years and difficulties, I’ve seen that love is to invite to choose the good part. By the beliefs I share, the activities I prioritize, the example I strive for, and the boundaries I set. Each time I invite, I give choice, to all of us.

Love is connecting. We do not need to agree with loved ones to feel love for each other. A deep challenge is to hold true to what you know but stay open to what others feel. To see someone’s divine heritage while wisely dealing with their temporal choices.

Love is life-changing. Genuine, core love shifts who we are and how we think. It creates a space to become. Think back to a time you felt deeply, movingly loved. What did you learn about yourself? What did you desire to do? I’m so grateful for people who love me into my better self.

As you love today, pay attention to how you give and receive it. And perhaps thank Him for the ability to do any of it.

Because He is love.

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