Loneliness is Making Us Sick

Loneliness is Making Us Sick

My You Got This Women! Sisters

Recently, the impact of loneliness has been on my mind.  I was reading an article that said loneliness is actually making people sick.  As women we get so busy and  we may realize we need connection, but we are not making them.  As social media has exploded, we have started to focus on our phones, but we have become more isolated.
From this article (found here) I read the following astounding statistics:
1 in 4 (25%) Americans rarely or never feel as though there are people who understand them.
2 in 5 (40%) Americans always or sometimes feel like their relationships are not meaningful, and that they are isolated from others.
1 in 5 (20%) report that they rarely or never feel they are close to people or feel that there are people they can talk to.
Connection is a need we are wired for as humans.  We get so busy in our day to day lives, that we don’t stop and connect.  It is imperative, especially as women, to take a moment during the day and ask ourselves, who have I connected with  — really connected with — as in we’ve actually looked each other in the eyes and had a meaningful, heartfelt conversation.
Now, on another side of this, I want you to ask yourself how you feel being in your own company.  Are you comfortable with yourself and being alone?   I’m giving you a challenge — give yourself 5 MINUTES a day being alone with yourself and getting used to those feelings to be happy being by yourself. You can try some things that make you happy.  Perhaps it’s painting, reading a book, taking a walk, or something else.  This is where you start.  When you are happy with yourself, then you are excited to start making connections with other people.
The reason this has even been on my mind is that this week is our You Got This Women Reboot. I want to issue a personal invitation to join me for this special occasion that will be ALL about connection (it’s our theme for the night).  It is THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 13 in South Jordan, Utah for three hours.  For only $25 a ticket, you can join me and a fantastic line up of women who will teach about meaningful connection, and it’s also International Chocolate Day, so I’m sure you can put 2+2 together.  (wink, wink)
Go to www.yougotthiswomen.com for tickets!

Hope to see you there!
P.S. For more information on this topic, visit my Facebook Page Connie Sokol to watch a FB Live on this subject.

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