Introducing. . .

Enrolling NOW for the

February 22nd-24th Retreat!

Introducing. . .

Enrolling NOW for the

February 22nd-24th Retreat!

It’s Official–She’s 18!

It’s official—she is 18!! What an INCREDIBLE weekend on so many levels!

Family girl time with facials and Gourmandis to break her 2-year no-sugar streak #soworthit

Saturday night friend bonfire with her closest gal friends and a fabulously personalized cake from @bethenythompsen who included her fave sunset colors, flowers, edible gold dusted fruit, and even edible images of weights and spa products! #soher

My fave moment was her reaction to her senior trip. We had planned our Mother-Daughter trip during Covid and it got nixed. She had thought it was gone forever.

I will never forget her myriad feelings opening that—shock, joy, tears—lots of tears—and so much excitement. #nyherewecome #thankyouskymiles

But the most incredible thing through all of this was how involved He was in this celebration. I didn’t expect it so fully.

From the most subtle nuance (call this person, do the trip, schedule this time) to the tiniest detail (finding the right camping dinnerware vibe, getting the hanging pics and written friend experiences done in time).

I could literally FEEL His involvement and happiness for her. He was the driver on so many tender mercies in the timing, finding, and doing.

Honestly, it still floors me. And even this morning I awoke to the feeling that I needed to let her know that truth…

It wasn’t just her family showing her love. It was her Father in Heaven knowing her heart, knowing her, and showing her in this moment, in a way SHE would truly get and appreciate, how He felt about her.

As my 23 yo daughter and I drove back from getting Sophie and her friends set at the campsite, we saw the perfect sunset. My Sophie LOVES sunsets, and it was even in the colors of her cake!

My 23 yo daughter turned and said, “God is wishing Sophie a Happy Birthday.”

Just when I thought He couldn’t be more involved in our lives.❤️🙏

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