I Love Connecting with Great Women!

Today I learned, yet again, how fabulous women are. Heading out to two radio interviews—one at the downtown KSL studio where I formerly did my radio show—I’m driving along, whistling Dixie, when I look down and see my dress strap has broken. No reason, just broken.
So I rip into the underground parking lot five minutes before my time, and run over to the only person I think can help me fix it—a woman. She’s sitting in the parking booth and not only isn’t surprised by me rushing up and saying, “Can you help me?”, but immediately goes into action, searching for what she has on hand. Sharr was her name and she was adorable! “Let me see, I’ve got a bobby pin—no wait, I have an idea,” and then pulls out a rubber band, and twists and tugs and pokes and, like a woman with a mission, is able to make my strap hold.
Afterwards, I came back through and thanked her in a profuse and completely connected way—I felt like old friends and could have invited her for dinner!
That is so women—and that’s what I love about us! We can meet in a bathroom or a grocery store, and one fix of a dress tag or passing of a tissue and we’re fast friends.
And the Awesome Women Fest continued. The first interview with Rebecca Cressman was fabulous—felt like we could talk forever and just keep the radio channel on for fun. We spoke of challenges for women and how to overcome them, how to get juiced about life and keep it. Informed and insightful, she is a joy to be around (interview will replay this coming Monday night, June 20th, at 11 p.m. on FM100). Right after I was able to reconnect, in the seriously few minutes I had before the next interview, with fab friends from the past—Amanda Dickson from the morning show just going into the studio, Brooke Walker from Studio 5 and the producer, Michelle Kettle (Torsak now, congrats Michelle!)
Buzzed over to downtown Conference Center with Nancy Hanson for an hour-long interview on the Mormon Channel. What a woman! Felt like we could have been in pjs (which I found out later, we actually could have been—rats!) Talking about women and creativity, the need for it, how to make time for it, and using whatever difficulties from our past to propel us in the future (will air in a few weeks but will be available as a podcast).
Each interaction I felt so strongly that good women are a life-rejuvenating treasure, and I want to continue to find and be with them. That’s why I’m so grateful for you ladies who read, comment, share, and help me grow and see things in new ways. Your contribution to those around you, including myself, is incalculable—so often saying or doing just the right thing to make a difference in people’s lives.
Thank you so much for continuing to make a difference in mine!
All my best,

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