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How to Deal with Painful and Emotional Memories

I want to talk about… “pop ups”. Not the kind you’re thinking of, but more of memory pop ups. 😉

Ever had something in your life that was difficult, painful, or traumatic and it just seems to randomly pop up in your life? And sometimes at the most inconvenient times? 👍

Recently, a loved one was not being quite themselves and I could tell was stressed. I wasn’t sure what to say or do. Thankfully, they were wise enough to know help was needed and decided to receive some counseling.👌

Out of the blue, as I thought of this person, the thought came to let them know this was a positive. To be open to the learning. To clean it all out. To even embrace the pop-ups as they are opportunities for you to process it and move on. ⭐️

That yes, it might be painful at moments, but it cannot hurt you. It’s the past and it is gone. What remains is what you are to do with it–learn from it, clean it out, let it go, and experience God’s love throughout the process. ❤️

What initially can seem like a scary, unwanted, and even must-avoid experience of emotions surfacing can actually be a cathartic life shift for peace, love, and joy. 😊

As these thoughts hit me to share with this person, at that same moment I literally saw this quote on a small sidebar of a social media site I don’t even visit. A positive pop up and confirmation of the concept:)

“Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.” Pema Chodron

So if you experience emotional “pop-ups”–memories that seem to bug you–pay attention. Clean it out. Let it go. And let Him heal and sustain and empower you through the process. ❤️

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