How to Create a Vision Board that WORKS

I want to talk boards and goals.

With a new year, we want to CREATE CHANGE. IN A BIG WAY. RIGHT NOW.

We want to jump in and lose 20 pounds, organize the whole house, and be that perfect person.

But I say first, Pause. Ponder. and Pray.

Read a little. Think a little. Pray a little more.

Jot Thoughts. That’s what I call my process. Whether it’s on sticky notes, your smartphone, or a legal pad (my personal favorite). Visualize a snapshot of your ideal self, living your ideal life. Brainstorm words to describe it. Think about it. Imagine it.

ENJOY the process. Savor the experience of creating your ideal life.

Listen to what your feeling, needing, and wanting. Write it down. Get quiet. Start to envision.

What do you want?
What do you desire?
What do you need to begin?

Let your mind jumpstart the process then take the next right step. Partner with the Divine and open up to the miracles.

“Life will change only when you become more committed to your dreams than to your comfort zone.” Billy Cox

Make this the year you uplevel to who you really are. And who you can truly be.

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