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Sept. 21st-23rd Retreat!

Introducing. . .

Enrolling NOW for the

Sept. 21st-23rd Retreat!

THIS is Education Week

THIS is Education Week. As I left the Wilkinson Center after teaching my last class, a few women stopped to talk with me.

They shared their learning, their joy, their life shifting experiences during the week.

In their sharing, one thing clearly stood out to me: women instinctively gather. And women instinctively gather For Him.

To wit: one of these women had an impression to attend Ed. Week. Which made her think of her friend who would benefit from attending too. Which made that woman think of her mother and how it would benefit her attending also.

Which made me think of Spencer W. Kimball’s oft-shared quote that much of the major growth coming to the Church in the last days will come because the good women of the world would connect with the good women of the Church.

And one of the reasons may well be because of this gathering instinct. Because women don’t come alone. We always bring a sister, friend, neighbor, community member, and any struggling, needful, hurting soul.

And when women gather others, each person gets what they need.

One of the women said she was sitting in a totally different class when she felt strongly she needed to be in mine, though she didn’t really know me or what I was talking about. And that’s where she got her divine downloads.

That isn’t because my class was special. You could go into any Ed. Week class and find people who felt that same need to be in theirs.

It’s because angels attend Ed. Week and they are busy answering the prayers of good, Christ-centered women who want to know, be, and do better.

God has given women the desire to help others. And with that comes an inherent desire to gather–for strength, for love, for direction.

Thank you #byueducationweek for the incredible amount of work, time, and detail-solving to make this week happen for so many.

These freshly inspired and deeply rejuvenated women now return to their homes, families, and communities to infuse that same gift to them.

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