Do You Have Your One Word for the New Year?

You’re seeing a lot of posts about “word for the year,” plans for the year, and possibly even I-have-planned-out-my-entire-year.
I LOVE what friends have shared and the ideas already coming for them. AND, if you haven’t had that experience yet, it’s okay!☺️

I so encourage you to not race to define your life in one day or even one week. It’s fabulous if you already have a word that sets you on fire–I have four. But that is not the end all, and it’s not on a time clock.❤️
I invite you to partner with your life rather than push it. Open your mind and heart to a divine influence that let’s you know what paths and perspectives would be good for you. Think about it, savor it, and let it develop as images, ideas, and plans.🤔
A new year to me means that we get to consider, relish, and delight in our “16 stones” of our coming year–what from our souls we feel we want and need to do. Then bring them to Him to make it better, different, or expanded. 🙏
So if you’re feeling stressed because you haven’t figured out your next 12 months already–you’re right on schedule.
Today, simply PONDER your ideal life this year. Consider what that feels and looks like to you. Feel the wonder of it, the ability you have to choose, do, and become. Watch potential scenes of it in your mind like a favorite movie. And enjoy the process of discovering what will delight your mind, body, and soul about this coming year.😊

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