Choose Your Moments of Peace

“Love and peace of mind do protect us.
They allow us to overcome the problems that life hands us. They teach us to survive… to live now… to have the courage to confront each day.” —Bernie Siegel.

Saturday, one thing organically led to another. We spontaneously decided #momsaid to do a small hike. And afterward to get burgers and shakes #nocarb counting Then to sit at a park while we ate and feel connected, hear the squeals of happy children, and soak in a bit of normalcy.

Then to a refreshing shower, clean sheets on the bed, and just-washed pjs. .

That night I wrote in my gratitude journal…

”A simple, perfect day.”

I didn’t know I would draw on that simple joy and perfect peace during this week.

But I did.

Even in the midst of turmoil—and perhaps, especially then—we need to choose peaceful moments. Connected moments. Moments that keep things normal while we strive to right the abnormal.

Today, choose your moments of peace.


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