Feel the rumble to change?
Take this quiz to find out how.
Feel the rumble to change?
Take this quiz to find out how.

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Busy Mom Recharge!

  Did you miss my Studio 5 Segment yesterday?  If so, watch it here! Sometimes we need a little pick-me-up to make it through the week. In this week’s segment, you will learn how to identify energy drainers and what you can do about them! Hugs, Connie P.S. Finally, live a happier, more organized life now AND …

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Timing is…Satisfying

A week ago I had a lovely thing happen. It was the fruition of a delightful desire for 15 years or more. But what made it truly joyfully satisfying was how it came about. Many years ago I fell into speaking through requests from different Relief Societies for their evenings and then women’s conferences. After …

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He IS the Way to Hope, Joy, Life

This past week, I attended two funerals within a few days of each other. Both were very different–a loving matriarch and a young fun-loving mayor. But they had two important similarities that affected me deeply. The first funeral, for my dearest friend’s mother, reflected a life of devoted and loving motherhood. She raised nine wonderful …

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Want to Clear Your Mind and Space?

I’ve realized that declutter is a form of therapy. When I suddenly find myself compelled to clean out a closet, clear out a drawer, or cull out keepsakes, I know I’m doing emotional rumbling. I learned this from my mother. When she rumbles, she moves furniture. During especially difficult times she is known to change …

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Do You Love Your Life?

Valentine’s Day which means you’ll be thinking of love. But how about LOVE-ing your life? Do you? You can. Right now, where you are, with your current situation. That’s what I teach people to do with Back to Basics principles. You CAN live a more purposeful, organized, and joyful life. As a national speaker, bestselling author, …

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Face and embrace your fear

Last week I had two opportunities to face and embrace my fears.    First, I was invited to be the self-help guest on Studio 5’s LIVE baby shower show–I’d never done a live one before! AND do the keynote for the Success Summit women’s conference. Seriously, I felt so nervous about both–as in, wake up …

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