BR 7: Passion And Purpose…

Today it’s about passion and purpose and really talking about the balance between passion and purpose.

I get this question a lot. I’ve been speaking for over 20 years to women and men. They asked me all the time, “Do I do a traditional kind of life where I just, it’s safe. I know what’s coming. It’s predictable. I have a skillset and I know that I can do it, and it’s working fairly well, and I get scared when I think about addressing or deciphering or following a passion.”

“…I’m worried that it’s going to make me go off kilter, or go kind of crazy, or I’ll be out of control,” and I think that is a very valid thought and those very valid questions. I love when they ask me this because that means they’re wanting to know.  

They are simmering in their soul, and they’re feeling this sort of, “Wow, I’m not content with where I am. It worked for this period of time beforehand to get me to this place.”

But we are beings of progression. We are wired for that. So if you’re feeling unsettled, it’s not that you’re having this huge midlife crisis unless you don’t pay attention to the simmerings and address them as you go along.

Listen in, this is a good one.

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