Stop existing from day to day, and get back to BECOMING your Sure Self in 4 Simple Steps


Stop existing from day to day, and get back to BECOMING your Sure Self in 4 Simple Steps

Discover More Joy in Womanhood

“In speaking with women over the years, I hear that some feel it’s selfish to spend time on oneself, that free time should be spent on serving. Other women hesitate to develop talents, achieve goals, or fulfill dreams, feeling that it isn’t allowed. Some women wait for others—a spouse or a good friend—to give them …

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Tips for Family Finances!

Have you noticed there is always one child in the family who has money? But you can’t figure out where it’s coming from? My 13-year-old is just such a son, and a few weeks ago I finally discovered the source. He has been charging his siblings to play on his ipod—to the tune of $4.50 …

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Balance in Motherhood!

Last week was the busiest of my entire summer. Planets aligned (or collided) with family events, our church youth conference (which I was a committee member of and a speaker for), and a few “Faithful” promotional events (never mind the usual laundry, cleaning, cooking, and running kids around). Initially, I approached it with trepidation, then …

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This August, Shop at Home!

About a month ago I realized that my freezer buildup—which frighteningly resembles a small ice age—would completely engulf my freezer if I did not chip away and discover, and use, the food contents therein. I hit on the idea of Shop at Home—instead of buying the usual groceries every week, we’d buy only the fresh …

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The Power of the Word

So we were doing a Deep Clean this morning (translation: deep stress) and the little ones were whining about cleaning their bathroom, and “Why do I have to pick up these toys”. My 13-year-old ran off after our dog, who had also just run off (aware, no doubt, that it was a Deep Clean day). …

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Receiving Those “Mama Paychecks”

As I’ve mentioned (casually, of course), my eight-year-old daughter danced for a huge 4th of July celebration here in Utah called the “Stadium of Fire”. While it was a great evening with headliner entertainment and the most amazing fireworks display in the country, the best (and nerve-wracking) part was seeing if Chloe’s dance experience would …

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Develop Healthy Connections

One great communication technique for marriage is to validate. “Whether he’s late, again, or bounced a check, again, simply validate. Do not make accusations, suggestions, or sarcastic comments. Ask the Lord to help you remove negative feelings. Anger is exactly what the adversary wants because it clouds our judgment and makes marriage become a “you …

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