​Keep ​this month Christ-Centered with my book 40 Days with the Savior​https://amzn.to/2Iy7zN3​​​


​Keep ​this month Christ-Centered with my book 40 Days with the Savior​https://amzn.to/2Iy7zN3​​​

Feeling it yet?

Are you enjoying your Holy Habits goal? I’m loving a more peaceful focus. Ken Burgess shares this great thing about goals: “You will not be committed to your goals one hundred percent if you are not clear on the benefits you will gain by reaching them. When you are not sure of the benefits it’s …

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Thanks to the Backgrounders

My son had a choir concert last night. If you can imagine, I cried through most of it (of course you can imagine, I’m almost five months pregnant). But it wasn’t because of the music, solely—it was because of the Backgrounders. From start to finish I was impressed with the dedication and love of these …

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Simplify the Season

If the holidays bring too much stress and not enough joy, maybe it’s time to try a simpler approach. Connie Sokol, shares simple tips to create a meaningful, memorable holiday season. Remember what you received last year from Uncle Bob or Aunt Lulu? Or gave them? Maybe not. And that’s good news, because this year …

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Interview by Nicole Shepard on Being a Writer

  For anyone who dabbles or is interested in how I got started in writing–the ups and downs and in betweens–you can check out this interview by Nicole Shepard on The Book Publishing Insider.   Best, Connie  

Create a Life Plan

The main point of Back to Basics is to set one goal a week, then focus your best energy on achieving it. This works! Elder James E. Faust has said: “You cannot do everything well at the same time. You cannot be a 100 percent wife, a 100 percent mother, a 100 percent church worker, …

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Dealing with Motherhood Guilt

Whether it comes from our children, our spouse, or the PTA chair, it’s guaranteed as a mother we’re going to feel guilty about something. Life Coach and author Connie Sokol shares how to avoid three guilt traps with effective self-questions. The Guilt Sponge. We’re human so we will make mistakes. Healthy guilt helps us realize when …

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The Sanctity of Life

Yesterday, I saw my baby for the first time. At my first doctor’s appointment we couldn’t hear the heartbeat (I cried). So she pulled in the ultrasound and checked to be sure. There on the grainy screen in amazing details for only 10 weeks along was a small face that I swear turned to face …

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