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Grab your FREE

5-day purpose workbook

#ConnieChat and KSL Segments

I loved our very first #conniechat LIVE on Facebook, and it was so much fun! Lots of talk about simplifying the holiday season. Thank you to all of you who joined us! If you missed it, click here. This is going to be a regular monthly occurrence on the Back to Basics Facebook page, so be sure …

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Who is your PJ friend?

                  On Sunday I happened to have a heartfelt, perfectly timed, deeply connecting conversation with a dear friend in, of course, the church restroom (which is the best place for heartfelt conversations). In the near eight-minute conversation during which no one else entered, we resonated on such …

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Teaching Girls to Combat Negative Media

If you worry about the negative influence of media on your daughter’s beliefs and behaviors, you’re not alone. Educate your child to be aware of media messages, know how to respond to them, and find ways to counteract their influence. Click here to read my 4 steps for teaching girls to combat negative media.

When you Wallow

Image via 8tracks.com The other day the organizer of the Pinner’s Conference called and asked me to teach a parenting class at the conference. To be honest, I wasn’t sure I wanted to do it. Because that week I would be taking my son to the MTC to begin his two-year mission. On that Friday …

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Are Your Kids Cooked?

As I’ve been readying our son to leave home for the next two years, many parenting questions have surfaced. Vital questions such as, “Does he know how much we love him?” and “Does he know how to clean a bathroom?” and more importantly, “Will he clean that bathroom?” However, as he and I have spent these …

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