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Best Speaking Assignment Ever

Best. Speaking Assignment. Ever. Why? Because of this girl right here.

A few months ago I was asked to speak at a stake RS Young Single Adult event. I had prayed, fasted, talked with the stake Relief Society president, and felt some clear things to share.

Then—seemingly unrelated—about a week before the event my daughter calls me with an idea for service for people her age. She is giddy. She is excited. And she is talking about one of the points I’m to talk about.

So the idea comes…why not have my sweet Chelsea speak with me? So much better to have someone their age rather than a non-hip, what’s a trend, mom of seven…🙌

I run it by the RS and she is a go!

So last night, for the first time ever, Chelsea and I spoke together. And it was FABULOUS!!

She was amazing. Even beforehand, just like a pro. Calling to check on ideas. Going through slides and stories. Standing and sharing and resonating like she had done it for years.

This from the girl who hated public speaking so much that even in primary she same-day refused to give her talk on the day she was set to give it—on two occasions.🤣

And the topics for the YSA were so personal. But she didn’t shy away from it. Personal worth. Mental wellness. Dealing with difficulties and uncertainties.

But she fabulously stood, spoke, and was spot on. Articulate and authentic.

My mom heart was literally about to burst!

As we tag-teamed during the talk, I sat on the pew behind her trying to contain my mom smile and tears. She was doing it. Beautifully, lovingly, genuinely.

Once again I understood that little bit more deeply why we are God’s work and His glory.

And His joy.

Grateful for this Mom Moment to experience a tiny but oh so satisfying taste of that joy.

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