Are you at the place of, What Now?

Are you at the place of, What Now? I am. For the past several months I’ve experienced a tough life challenge and found myself at this very spot, asking myself, What Now? The idea came–“Share it.”
After a little kicking and screaming, I did–in a Facebook Live. It received over quadruple the number of views I’d had in anything previously.
And then the thought came, Do a book. And I really didn’t want to. Because sometimes you want to talk about how you got through something, and sometimes you don’t. You’d rather eat brownies and watch an Austen flick.
But I did. (Write the book. And eat some brownies and watch Austen).
WhatNow_CVR_LRGHesitantly, I put it up for preorder. Two days later it hit #1 on Amazon. That told me other women felt this same feeling and had that same question. Other women who faced life challenges and transitions, who had done their best to navigate them, and now found themselves wondering/worrying/possibly whining about What Now.
Wonder, worry, and whine no more. I’m thrilled to share with you this book with simple tips to go from emotional paralysis to daily productive.
One reviewer shared:
“I LOVED your book. I read it all on Friday evening. I loved the do-able suggestions that I could put in place right now to help with the issue I was wanting help with. Many books geared at helping are just “feel-good” books. And while this book helped me feel better, I loved the real-life examples you shared of what exactly you meant and what putting a certain principle in place looked like.
More than anything, I also felt reassurance as I was reading. As in—you’re not the only one going through something. Most women are and we’re all here dealing with our own issues, so we’re not alone and in the end, it’s going to be alright.” Erin Trimble
Join me in celebrating the official launch of What Now? 8 Ways to Deal with Life’s Difficulties. It’s a fast-paced, nurture-your-soul read. It helps you break through the emotional barriers to make a move.
This week, whether you get the principles in this ebook, on Studio 5 on Wednesday, or as a free giveaway on social media, enjoy these life-nourishing thoughts to set you on a happier path.
P.S. Purchase my new e-book What Now? 8 Ways to Deal with Life’s Difficulties, here!

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Look for Connie’s NEW ANNOUNCEMENT this week of her surprise companion goodie to the What Now? ebook–check Connie’s social media for details!
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