An “I Love My Family” Moment—Thank You JIW!

CREATE A POWERFUL LIFE PLAN - Front Cover (for Amazon and Smashwords)Last week, the life area for our 8-week Challenge was “Joy in Womanhood” (JIW). Once again, I could not believe the small but powerful effect of simply choosing a life area to focus on, even before putting a goal on paper!
I’d felt to pay attention to joy as a woman and mother, especially the latter is that’s often the first to go in my daily dos. Right off the bat, I found myself aware of small details that could make others’ lives happier. Instead of making a warm apple dumpling for dessert (on a chilly night), I let my daughter choose her favorite strawberry shortcake dessert (including ice cream-BRRR!)
Instead of hurrying to read emails, I first used that precious baby naptime to put a little treat and a lovey note in my kids’ toy mailboxes. Instead of driving only my kids to school when the buses couldn’t come (due to snow), I called the neighbors to see if their kids needed a ride. This perspective shift was really working!
But the most lasting one for me was during our family talent night (“Sokol American Idol”). Instead of playing a Jane Austen-era piano piece by myself as planned, a thought came to do a Disney song and invite the kids to sing with me. When it was my turn that night, I surprised them by asking them to sing a song with me from a Disney movie. What followed was an absolute keeper moment-in the soft lamplight of the cozy living room, all the kids stood around me at the piano, singing their hearts out, loud and fun or soft and tender, right through to the end of the song.
The change I feel in my heart from simply focusing on more joy-and specifically, more joy in womanhood and motherhood-seems very small when I write it down. But I feel it in my heart, a slight but significant shift in my awareness and my actions.
As you go through the week, I encourage you to choose one area of your life to focus on. Don’t even set a goal. Simply think about it, consider it, and perhaps read something on it. You might be pleasantly surprised with the results.
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