3 Steps to Simplify and Savor the Holiday Season

Sooo…it’s now that beautiful time of year when we see the holidays are here and feel…STRESSED. 

But not this year. 
This year, you’ve got my easy, peasy 3-step Holiday Plan that makes the Big Three (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s) a breeze!
The first step is TODAY to lay the groundwork–mindset and expectation…
Check out this Studio 5 SEGMENT to help set that intention (below).

Then use my PADE formula on how to make the magic actually happen. What’s key to do when, and the 2 Must-dos with your family that will make or break the holiday feel-goods. 
Check that out in my Balance reDefined PODCAST below: 

Lastly, NEXT WEEK get final tips on how to make the holidays the most meaningful and magical. 
STAY TUNED for those posted right here! 
Simple. Meaningful. Joyful. 
That’s how we do Balance reDefined for the holidays! 



P.S. If you want more, get this content and MORE in my Simplify & Savor the Season book. ( Also includes my most popular holiday humorous essays–like getting two books in one. )

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REVIEW OF SIMPLIFY & SAVOR THE SEASON: “Love it! I don’t have to hold my breath anymore. Connie is the master at bringing clarity to the chaotic. This book brings to light the little things that make all the difference. I want to tell all women that serenity during the holidays really can happen. What a gift!” Kalli Wilson, International Wellness Coach, Presidential Diamond Doterra  

“Reading Simplify & Savor the Season is like getting an early holiday gift: permission to let go of meaningless frills and pageantry and instead, focus on family and love. And it helps the most diehard procrastinators get organized in time to enjoy the holidays.” Elyssa Andrus, contributor for Studio 5, The Daily Herald, and author of Happy Homemaking: An LDS Girl’s Guide  

1 thought on “3 Steps to Simplify and Savor the Holiday Season”

  1. Thanks for the suggestions! I also have to say that last year was my most enjoyable Christmas in a long time. I was so tired of feeling overwhelmed with the shopping and gift giving that I decided to greatly simplify that process. I had heard other parents say that they limited the number of gifts they gave to the children to just a few, and I always thought that that was kind of mean or sad. But I decided to let go of my feelings of guilt and adopted that practice. So last year I told the kids they were each getting, I believe it was four gifts, and I didn’t put a money limit on it. I knew how much I wanted to spend, but I was tired of the kids saying well I have X number of dollars so here’s my list that will equal that amount of money. And then I would spend a lot of emotional and physical energy trying to make sure that I spent the same amount of money on each child and worrying that they would compare each other‘s gifts. So no discussion about money, and four gifts per child ( I have five children). I can’t tell you how much that reduced my stress levels. It was so nice to not worry about whether I had enough for each child, whetherIt was all even, and it saved my a lot of time. I will do it again this year!

    The other thing that I did last year that I enjoyed so much was creating a Christmas playlist on YouTube. And because I could get YouTube on my TV, I think most people can these days, I would play that playlist along with the accompanying videos on my tv. So I was surrounded with beautiful music and wonderful pictures and videos that would carry throughout my house. It brought such a nice spirit into my Christmas season.

    Just thought I would share. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents with us!

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