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​Join our Free Community and Connect with other Purpose Filled Women

3 Peaceful Practices to Maintain Clarity and Balance

Peaceful Practices.

That’s what we want. That’s what we need. That’s what will help us maintain clarity and balance.

I urge you to consider–today, right now–three Peaceful Practices that work for you. I’ll spotlight a few over the next few days, and hope you’ll share your favorites below. We can inspire one another with ideas to stay steady and bless our families.

My #1 Peaceful Practice I can do anytime, anywhere, for any length of time:.


No surprise, but we can forget. Whether it’s for comfort, about gratitude, or needing a blessing of one kind or another, prayer is it.

I invite you to make prayer your FIRST RESPONSE to make Him your FIRST RESPONDER.

Before you read social media, the latest announcement, or frightening statistic, turn to prayer. It literally changes night to day.

#2 Peaceful Practice is reading the Book of Mormon. Again, anytime, anywhere, for any length of time.

And it works.

You may prefer other books of scripture. I personally love…LOVE…the New Testament. I soak in the Savior’s life and stories. And, I find immediate peace in the Book of Mormon. Even if I only read a few minutes or listen while I get ready, there is literally a power in that book that I can’t describe but can always can feel. Always.

#3 Peaceful Practice is to Pause. Many of you might feel as I felt this morning–like I’d taken a hit. After a rollercoaster-but-stay-solid day like yesterday, that’s normal. So PAUSE. Be still. . .
Yes, there’s lots to do and people to do it with and for. But for a few minutes, PEACE, BE STILL. In the breakroom, your car, or your closet. Sit in a chair, close your eyes, just breathe.

This morning before school my little guy needed a distraction—he chose to watch football. I stretched out next to him, resting and being still. It was only five minutes but oh so healing. And then I had energy to throw the football before the bus came.

We can take this corona bull by the horns—gently, peacefully, and still successfully deal with it.


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