Loser Moment #37

girl-embarrassed_0I seem to experience many of what I call “Loser Moments” (sometimes including “Loser Mom Moments,” but always denoting an embarrassing or humiliating learning experience). So many that I now number them.

This one occurred one evening at a Cold Stone in a neighborhood near you. On a great date with my husband, I ordered my usual Founder’s Favorite Like It size, but in a moment of departing from the norm and branching out as my husband encourages me to do, I changed the creamy vanilla to mint.

Victory for me and new changes!

I continued chatting with my hubby at the cash register, standing next to a lady who was waiting for a refund on a double charge, when my Founder’s Favorite appeared. Because I’m used to being with three teenage boys (I blame this next move completely on them), I picked it up and ate some from the edge, not even using a spoon.  

Then my husband looked at me and said, “Isn’t yours mint?”

I about coughed up a lung as I realized I had just eaten some of the Refund Lady’s Founder’s Favorite (no mint, straight creamy vanilla) WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A UTENSIL. (I should mention here I was, as usual, sleep-deprived. Just thought I’d mention.)

Here is the classy part: this good woman looked at me as if to size me up, then said, “Well, if you promise you don’t have any serious germs, it’s all good. I’m a teacher.”


Can I tell you? In this sue-you-for-too-hot-drinks kind of society, here was a woman I could relate to. She was surely the kind that had some children, had stopped sterilizing binkies that fell to the ground, and realized that when her toddler son licked the driveway despite repeated warnings not to, it was giving him some needed minerals anyway.

Trying to think of a way to apologize and show gratitude (as she obviously was trying to leave the store—big surprise with Strangers Who Eat Random Orders about), I scooted out to my car and returned with a book, and my thanks for her patience and classy response.

So next time some weirdo does something truly annoying, I invite you to respond in a classy, I’ve-been-there way. That stranger may just be sleep-deprived and need a break.




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