Watch Connie on Studio 5″Step Into What’s Possible”

Are you stuck in your stage of life?  Watch Connie here on Studio 5.  She will share how to shake things up and step into what’s possible in your life! 

And remember start the season successfully by purchasing Simplify & Savor the Season!  On sale this week Ebook (with a new cover!) is $2.99, print book is $9.99 and includes a FREE Take-along planner. 

Women have loved this resource–a quick read that teaches you in 3 clear steps how to organize, simplify, and enjo ...

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Simplify and Savor the Season!

[Especially for Studio 5 viewers, a bonus! Enjoy this real moment of life before taping Studio 5!] Want make the holidays joyful again? Simplify & Savor the Season with this fabulous book! Women have loved this resource–a quick read that teaches you in 3 clear steps how to organize, simplify, and enjoy a more meaningful holiday season from the heart.   Get it on sale today! Ebook (with a new cover!) is ...

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The Gift of Synergy

Monday afternoon my Core Team and I met online for our weekly administrative meeting. We used the very official Zoom technology, at the official time of 12:30, for the official purpose of moving Back to Basics forward.

This is how it went.

Connie: [Sending off son to preschool, removing cookies from a cookie sheet before they harden, madly hitting keys on the laptop sitting on the counter.] “I can’t get on Zoom, the link’s not working, or ...

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First-time Sneak Peek at my Christmas novella!

With the holidays coming, I’m feeling the excitement begin. And that includes a first-time Sneak Peek at my Christmas novella!

Soda Fountain Christmas was originally published in the bestselling Echo Ridge Anthology. Now my novella is available on sale for a limited time at $2.99.

Want to savor it during Christmas? Buy now, read later! And partial proceeds are donated to the Utah Food Bank.

And a special two-fer today, one o ...

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Did you miss Connie yesterday on Studio 5?

If so, you can watch it here or read it on  Connie gives advice on how a parent can create connections or fill needs of their children with their individual personalities. The good news is that we don’t have to know everything — just the key things and how to look for them.  


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Ready for a Back to Basics Chat Night?

Bring a friend and enjoy a FREE B2B Chat Night!!  It’s a Studio 5 segment on steroids. We discuss, apply, and connect with other women in your community.

Check out a FREE B2B Chat Night at a Library near you.

October 13th – Spanish Fork Library, 7-8 p.m.

October 20th – Highland Library, 7-8 p.m.

November 16th – American Fork Library, 7-8 p.m.

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Know the magic bullet in connecting?

Over the weekend, a good friend texted me one morning with the news of a tragedy that happened to her good friend. Her request? “What can I tell her, how can I help her?”

I went into action, looking up resources, texting or calling friends who had experience in this particular arena, and sent the information as soon as possible.

Thankfully, I happened to have a scheduled neighbor visit that same morning. As I spoke with this neighbor, I suddenly remembered that she had some ...

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Studio 5 – Find the Courage to Be Yourself!

Did you miss Connie’s segment “Courage to Be Yourself” yesterday on Studio 5? If you did, watch it here and learn strategies on how to be your BEST self!

Plus this is the last week to get Connie’s The Life is Too Short Collection gift book on sale! The perfect handbook for being a woman, wife and mother, it’s kitchen table wisdom with a side of humor. Enjoy this popular collection for yourself or as a gift for a loved one to regain the humor and feel the help of f ...

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Got Courage to Be Yourself?

With recent national interest in what I do, it’s given me pause to wonder, Am I ready for this? As I thought more on that question (bad idea), I found myself gravitating to not only the cookie jar but to thoughts like, Do I need to change my speaking style, have less humor, more statistics? Or possibly rework my wardrobe? Or change my idioms, my energy level, or even my hair color? Reason intruded and begged a moment’s time—if it’s been working so far, why overhaul it? But the other S ...

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The Power of Partnered Prayers & People to Achieve Dreams

 At the beginning of summer I had the overzealous idea to productively use the early morning hours when my children were out cold. It made sense. Two hours of quiet time to get A TON DONE. Perfect. Ever had those kinds of thoughts? I prayed to know what should be my focus, made a list of projects and goals, and thought to myself, Bring it on. However, a short while later I got a distinct feeling-thought that I should, instead, “Rest.” What? Rest is for wimps. Rest is for later. Rest is, ...

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“Be realistic, be wise, and remember that goals are not to inhibit our quality of life but to improve it.

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