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Welcome to Back to Basics! We offer a value-based program that teaches simple tools for women to create and live more purposeful, organized, and joyful lives for them and their families.
We also educate women to become profound leaders as we provide support, accountability, and resources. And we help women discover and define their personal purpose, while keeping family first as they contribute in meaningful and effective ways.

What is the Back to Basics Program?

The Back to Basics program is a self-development program that connects you with other like-minded women. It easily fits into your busy life to help you progress in incremental and powerful ways (see our mission statement below).
Based on the book, Faithful, Fit & Fabulous, participants receive a B2B Kit with the book, ebooks, workbook, and resources that address 8 areas of a woman’s life:
Holy Habits                 Joy in Womanhood          Fit & Fabulous                  Get Organized
Create a Life Plan       Balance Motherhood       Healthy Connections       Financial Peace & Prosperity
You read a chapter, set a goal, connect with and get support from other women, and achieve your desires and dreams.

How does this program work?

You can do the program three ways.
Self-Starter Program (on your own): purchase the kit, (Fresh Start, Fabulous You)!  Start on your own and get support from our website (blog, products, Studio 5 segments).
B2B Chat Night: enjoy an hour once a month with Connie Sokol as she helps women connect with women in their community. Connie shares one of her selected Studio 5 TV segments then opens it up for discussion and application. Bring a friend and enjoy laughter, connection, and motivation to make personal changes in an educational environment. Held at your participating local library, check this website (B2B Chat Night) for places and dates.
B2B Monthly Program (connect with Connie and other like-minded women). Read at your own pace then join Connie each month for B2B Night as she teaches a 2-hour class. You participate with her on-site or through your computer at home (recording available up to 24 hours). Also receive access to the private Facebook B2B page for weekly motivation, support, and goal sheet feedback.
Next Program Begins January 5th, 2017.
**If you would like to do option #3, keep reading below.

What is the price?

At Back to Basics, one of our main goals is to make this excellent program affordable for ALL women. While this program is valued at four times the amount, it’s available for a limited time for $29 a month (total of $149 each course).
Order now and receive the online kit for FREE—LIMITED TIME ONLY.  Next Program Begins January 5th, 2017.
Register here for the Complete Program 
With your B2B Kit you receive:

Course 1 Topics: (Create a Life Plan, Holy Habits, Joy in Womanhood, Fit & Fabulous)

  • Faithful, Fit & Fabulous ebook
  • Create a Powerful Life Plan ebook
  • (2)B2B CDs of Life Topics
  • (4)B2B LifeTopic MP3 downloads
  • (4) B2B Program Workbook Modules
  • B2B Program Binder

Course 2 Topics: (Balance Motherhood, Get Organized, Financial Peace & Prosperity, Healthy Connections)

  • Faithful, Fit & Fabulous ebook (or print)
  • Create a Powerful Life Plan ebook (or print)
  • (2)B2B CDs of Life Topics
  • (4) B2B Life Topic MP3 Downloads (30 mins each)
  • (4) B2B Program Workbook Modules
  • B2B Program Binder


How do I register?

Go to these links Self-Starter Kit, B2B Chat Night, or B2B Monthly Program

After I register, then what?

We will contact you for your ideal start time, register you, and send your online program materials.

What results can I expect?

Wonderfully, you will definitely see shifts in your perspective and behaviors as you implement the principles and practices in realistic ways! I’ve taught this program for over 15 years and the women’s responses have been fantastic.
Here are various results women have shared on their B2B program final evaluations:IMG_9734

  • Misti R: I’m doing great. Exercising at least 4 times a week and really working on making healthy meals for my family. I keep setting my goals the way you taught me. The B2B system is great, especially the part about rewarding ourselves. So far I’ve lost another 6 ½ inches and 5 pounds. Thanks for being so fabulous.
  • Debbie R: I finally typed in my goal and have actually worked out 5 times this week.   It has really helped me have a better perspective on things. The ideas and quotes about not worrying have been really helpful.   Thank you so much for the encouragement.
  • Diana J: The success I’ve had is due to setting reachable goals and being able to bend when needed. I’ve found that life gets in the way of reaching our goals. Thanks to your encouragement I have learned that if we just learn to work through or around it, we will get there.

Any questions?

We’re here to help. Email us at, email me personally at conniesokol9@gmailcom, or call us at 801.787.4910.