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Getting Started

Welcome to the 8-Week Challenge

To begin the challenge, read the instructions below or listen to the podcast “Starting the 8-week Challenge”—be sure to complete steps 2 thru 4 below.

Welcome to the 8-week Challenge! Using the Faithful, Fit & Fabulous book and program,  women have lost 7 to 50 pounds, organized their homes,  set emotional boundaries, created a personal life vision, paid off financial debt, felt more joy in daily life, even started a business, and more. So let’s go!

To begin the challenge, read the instructions below, or listen to the podcast, “Starting the 8-week Challenge”. Either way, be sure to complete steps 1 thru 4 below.

1. Sign up for the challenge. We host an online 8-week Challenge twice a year: one in September and one in January. (for those desiring to do a challenge after the start date, see below).  For only $59 for 8 weeks (early registration) you receive weekly coaching emails, motivational podcasts, video segments,  my newspaper and magazine columns, and can win great gift cards and prizes. To purchase  an online 8-week Challenge, click here. The next challenge start date is January 8th, 2013. Once officially registered, your 8-week Challenge Director will email you within 24-48 hours with quick info on beginning the challenge. For more information, check out our FAQs.  If you want to do the 8-week Challenge but it’s after the start date but, no problem! You can still do it with our personal lifecoaching podcast Faithful, Fit & Fabulous: The 8-week Program, Week by Week.For only $19, this hour-long collection of individual podcasts takes you step by step, week by week, through the 8-week Challenge, helping you create real change. To purchaseclick here.

2. Purchase Faithful, Fit & Fabulous. Use our website links to access a bookstore or download the Kindle version to your reader or PC. If you have already purchased Faithful, Fit & Fabulous, simply use your book. To prepare for the 8-week Challenge, read the Introduction and skim the chapter headings to find which life areas interest you.

3. Download the free Faithful, Fit and Fabulous Packet, which includes your Post-It Page, Power Week Page, Reward Suggestions, Food Log and 5 EZ Recipes. Also, Download the 8 Week Challenge Summary Form.

4. Get started!  After receiving your Welcome information, you’ll begin with the online group. Look for Challenger-only discounts on our motivational products including books, CDs, MP3 downloads, or our CoachCasts (scroll below)—collections of mini podcasts  with specific tips on all eight life areas (get a life vision, fit and fabulous, get organized, etc.)  Download any media and listen while you’re cleaning, working out, or chilling on the couch!

So purchase your 8-week Challenge today and start living your ideal life! Get ready to feel more joy, direction, and success as you become more faithful, fit and fabulous.


Connie Sokol

Faithful, Fit & Fabulous: The 8-week Program

Faithful, Fit & Fabulous: The 8-week Challenge Podcast: Week by Week Life Coaching
60 mins. Reg. $19
Make it easy! Let me take you step by step, week by week through the 8-week program with this motivating, easy to follow podcast series. With excellent tips and motivational messages, you can stop, start, and skip to what you want. Also includes intro to Faithful, Fit & Fabulous and successful goal setting.

$19.00 Add to cart

CoachCasts Series

With 8 great topics to choose from, each life coaching series is about 30 minutes of mini podcasts (5 mins. each) on a particular topic. Enjoy specific tips, motivational messages, and clear steps on staying focused to succeed in your personal growth.

Establish Holy Habits
Includes Scripture Power!, The Surprising Blessings of Submission, Being a Daughter of God is Enough, Feeling and Following Spiritual Promptings.

$9.95 Add to cart

Create A Life Plan
Includes Create a Life Board, Embrace the Unexpected, Set Successful Goals, The Joy of Change, it’s a Process, Simple Rewards Yield Big Results!

$9.95 Add to cart

Joy In Womanhood
Includes Discover and Live Your Personal Purpose or Passion, Get Over Approvalitis, Becoming a Woman of Substance, Notch Up the Fun!, Simple Things for Simple Joys.

$9.95 Add to cart

Get Fit & Fabulous
Includes Work with Your Personality, Use Weights to Lose Weight, Lose Emotional Triggers, Good, Better, Best: Small Choices Make a Big Difference, Rest to Lose Weight.

$9.95 Add to cart

Get Organized
Includes Choose your Absolutes, then Absolutely do Them!, 3 Tubs and a Garbage Bag, Manage Your Time by Setting a Boundary, Freedom through Delegating, Getting More Out of your To Do Lists.

$9.95 Add to cart

Balancing Womanhood & Motherhood
Includes Let Children Solve their Own Problems, The Power of Loving Mothers, The Continual Fruits of Teaching Children Life Skills, Setting Appropriate Boundaries on your Time and Energy.

$9.95 Add to cart

Create Healthy Connections
Includes Predicting a Happy Marriage—the Key!, Changing Your Child’s Response, Working with a Spouse’s Timeline, Get a Life!, Make Reasonable Requests.

$9.95 Add to cart

Establish Financial Peace & Prosperity
Includes Consider Your Money Mindset, Shop at Home to Save!, Small Savings Make Big Packages, Organize Your Financial Information.

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