A Christ-Centered Christmas Podcast Series: He is Aware


In this episode I’m talking about “He is aware.” How aware do you think that Jesus Christ is of you and your life and what you’re going through? Have you ever thought about that?

I’ve thought about that a lot over the years as I’ve gone through a lot of difficult experiences. My son has Asperger’s.

My children, they have ADD and ADHD, depression, anxiety, a lot of genetic gifts that we have been given and being able to go through difficulties go through health issues, financial issues, divorce and different things that have been difficult and struggles…

I have to tell you, I am truly and profoundly grateful for the awareness that I know that he has for me and my family and that’s not because we’re special.

It’s because he has that for every single person on the planet and I know that I know that to my soul and so I got thinking about this. How do we know that he is aware? How do we know that he is aware, and then how can we learn from that and become more aware in our lives as well?

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