A Christ-Centered Christmas: His Driver Was Love

His Driver Was Love

I want to share today about this continuation of a Christ-Centered Christmas and I’m talking about his driver, his love. Again, I am doing some excerpts from My 40 Days With the Savior book and just sharing these.

 It’s a daily devotional book…

It’s non-denominational and just giving some insights into the character and traits of Jesus Christ and then some experiences that we can connect on and then some thought provoking questions that we can utilize so that we can think,

“How can I be a better person and isn’t that really one of the ultimate goals that we have everyday just doing a little bit better?”

That’s what I love about Jesus Christ. I feel like every time I learn, study, experience something about him, I become a little bit better. And so today I want to talk about this theme of his driver was love.

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