Timing is…Satisfying

A week ago I had a lovely thing happen. It was the fruition of a delightful desire for 15 years or more. But what made it truly joyfully satisfying was how it came about.

Many years ago I fell into speaking through requests from different Relief Societies for their evenings and then women’s conferences. After several years of sharing messages, I connected with Sharlene Wells Hawkes who invited me to a National Speaking Association meeting. The NSA is like the NBA of speakers.

At the meeting I was invited to become a professional member, which means credibility in the speaking realm and connection with wonderful people who love to share inspiring messages. But, there was one catch–I would need to speak a certain number of times a year in order to acquire that level.

Although it sounded like a wonderful way to get positive life messages out, I declined. I shared that I had young children and limited my speaking to only once or twice a month. In my mind, I let that opportunity go and considered it not the path for me.

Fast forward to our current lives. Most of our children are now in the middle to grown stages, ages 12 (in a week!) to 23. I am able to a segment on Studio 5 twice a month while the kids are at school and share thoughts and ideas in that way, as well as through wonderful technology and social media. With the help of BYU interns and amazing volunteers, it’s been a family-friendly way to get good stuff to women and families.

Ironically, and recently, the opportunity returned to considered becoming an NSA member. As I weighed that possibility, I felt the same time concern even with kids at their older ages. Then beautifully, to my surprise, I discovered that my Studio 5 contribution would be considered in the mix of speaking requirements. I was already doing what needed to be done, and in a way that worked smoothly!

As you consider opportunities coming your way, perhaps keep in mind that urgency isn’t necessarily finality, and that every person’s path is unique and most often already prepared ahead. We simply need to trust to walk it.

I’m so very grateful that those years ago I listened to my soul and did it the way that worked best for us. I do know that opportunities come back around, and oftentimes, in a more suited and satisfying way.


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