He IS the Way to Hope, Joy, Life

This past week, I attended two funerals within a few days of each other. Both were very different–a loving matriarch and a young fun-loving mayor.

But they had two important similarities that affected me deeply.

The first funeral, for my dearest friend’s mother, reflected a life of devoted and loving motherhood. She raised nine wonderful children, held various and intense church responsibilities, helped in her communities and befriended many wherever she went.

The second funeral was for the young mayor of our small city. It was sudden and difficult to believe. He was loved and appreciated by so many, with the Lt. Governor Cox attending and speaking. The words shared reflected a life of fun, happiness, and dedication to not only family, work and community, but to making a difference wherever he could in his own wonderful way.

The first thing that struck me about these seemingly two different life experiences was this: good people who did good things and had a good time doing them. Not every second, not in every single thing, but choosing it for most of their lives.

The second was even more powerful. Both of these funerals had woven throughout them a tangible joy and happiness. In both cases, the families were heartbroken at losing their loved ones. But a feeling of great hope permeated the words and the actions of all that were involved.

In both cases, the families believed that they would see their loved ones again. To live with them and laugh with them and once again be reunited with them.

How is this possible? Because of him.images

Because of his perfectly, lovingly, beautifully lived life He also gave us life. Because He suffered for our sins He cleansed us of them and gave us life. And because He offered to die for us, and to be resurrected and live once more, He gave us that same immortal life.

The hope and joy I felt from these families at this difficult time was directly because of all that he is and did and does for us.

One of my favorite scriptures that hangs on my wall is John 10:10:

“I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.”

How grateful I am at this glorious Easter season to have more fully seen and felt the true hope and joy in Christ. And how grateful I am that we can experience it each day in His divinely designed way.



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